Secure Payment

Payment with VISA / Mastercard:

In we do not receive or have access to any information about your credit card.

For the recovery orders we use the secure gateway Servired (Visa and Mastercard) provided by our bank through the Virtual POS.

When you reach the step of paying for the purchase process, if you choose the payment by credit card, the web will be redirected to the gateway payment system SERVIRED, so the payment is made directly between your card and our financial institution, without any manual intervention on our part.

To verify that your payment is safe simply verifies that at the time of the transaction the web has gone to start with http: // to https: // (the "s" at the end indicates you are on a secure website).

Bank transfer or deposit:

Bank transfer or deposit in CajaMar: With this payment you make the payment, or by transferring the order amount from your bank either by entering pickup at a bank office or other entity Cajamar.

Payment to the carrier / COD:

COD: With this payment method, the customer pays the order when he delivers the carrier. This payment leads to a 6% commission on the order total expenses of collection management charged by the shipping company with a minimum of 3 euros and a maximum of 90.15 €


The customer may pay your order through Paypal payment system. This service will have a fixed charge of € 0.35 + 3.5% of the total amount of your purchase, as shown in the Fare.